what makes you get up in the morning?

Lately I’ve been waking up early. I’m sure you’re scoffing “psh, right. early. in musician speak that’s like noon right?”.

No, I mean early. Like early early. It’s currently 6:34am and I’ve already been awake for nearly 3 hours.

It’s been like this for months. Don’t get me wrong. I want to sleep. I love sleeping. Even as a child, there was something about John Lennon’s crooning when he said “lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for that sleepy feeling” that truly resonated with me. And once they invented TemperPedic it was GAME ON when it came to dozing off into dreamland.

But recently my mind has been racked with so many thoughts endlessly swirling around and around. I wake up thinking about Chicago, Charleston, New York, van repairs, tour dates, Bear Creek, follow up emails, load in times, AC Entertainment, World Cafe, hotel reservations, that one hook that needs to be worked on in that one song, have we reordered stickers yet? 

And then Lennon’s voice creeps into my head again just as the birds start chirping….and I am reminded that in every generation there is a different definition on what it has meant and what it has taken to be a working musician. Fact: growing up idolizing the classic rock era gave me an extraordinarily unrealistic view of what the live music industry is all about. Do I wish rock bands still looked and sounded like Led Zeppelin? Good lord, yes. Do I wish that A&R reps still existed and record deals were still shiny golden opportunities that meant you’d made it big time? Man oh MAN do I! Is that the world we’re living in? No. But that doesn’t mean that rock&roll isn’t alive and well, and it doesn’t mean the music industry is dead. It just means that we have the chance to redefine what rock&roll is in 2014, and even more so has reaffirmed the age old saying “you gotta REALLY want it”.

I have fallen in love with the live music community. The people, the vibe, the support. It’s a group that connects our country in such a unique and extraordinary way. When I look at the people I love around me, I realize that almost every single one of them is a result of this community. This love is what drives me to wake up every morning when my mind starts churning at 4am with all of the work that needs to get done in order for us to continue touring full time and contributing to the live music community.

Being the lead singer of a rock&roll band isn’t a goal I have, it’s a reality I am living in. Whatever it means to continue that reality, whether it’s writing songs, sending mailing blasts out, or folding our tshirts. While I look forward to the day when my own personal Brian Epstein comes along and takes some of the work load off allowing me to focus more on the creative side of The Broadcast, there is work to be done.  I’ll lose sleep over that any day, because this is what I live for.

And I really want it.