What’s going on people? After a very intense night indeed, we’re all packed up in the van and heading north on 81 toward New York City. We were supposed to play at The Legendary Dobbs tonight but unfortunately last night our bassist Matty D had an emergency and we had to take him into ICU- he’s alright, don’t worry! But needless to say it put our road time a bit behind today and we’ve decided to take it easy on our way up north and get some much needed rest to gear up for our show tomorrow night at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)! Doors are at 11PM with the show starting promptly at 11:15! It would be so lovely to see you at the show- this is an album I am wildly proud of and believe speaks volumes of the last three years of my life outside of New York City. Tickets are cheap and if you’re crazy broke and really want to come- drop me a message on any social forum or email me at and we’ll work something out- the most important thing is having you there if you so wish! 🙂

Want to know a little about the album? Check out this awesome review of “Dodge the Arrow” below:

CD Review from Bold Life Magazine