THIS SUMMER: Festivals + Paris!

It’s no arguing that 2014 has been the biggest year for us as a band. Both professionally and interpersonally. We’re approaching another anniversary as a band on the run. While we ARE technically from NYC and The Broadcast did form there, so much as happened that makes me (Caitlin) feel like we didn’t really get our start until we moved to Asheville almost four years ago. I’m also approaching the closing of a century in my life- at the age of 29 I can reflect on my life and see all of the places and people making music has brought me to. Something I always dreamed.

What a wild ride its been. If you’re reading this chances are at some point we’ve met. You may have even purchased a record. You might even be listening to one of our songs right now. And let me tell you- that reality STILL can’t sink in. The living dream sometimes can be so surreal it doesn’t feel physical at all. It’s mind blowing to me that a record we made in a studio in Asheville, North Carolina has been able to reach so many people. I’ve gotten emails from people as far as Brazil and even Guam writing to tell me that our songs have helped them through various stages and experiences in their life. And these letters, this outpouring of appreciation sends my heart into a furious tornado of emotion. My heart bursts for you. It bursts because every single song that we write is deeply connected to my soul and my life story. I am sharing such a sensitive part of who I am, and YOU continue to nurture those experiences by allowing me to retell those stories. You give the artist within me a place to lay her head. So thank you for that.

A few people have also reached out recently with a bit of concern about the band – we’ve had to cancel a few shows (less than 10 mind you folks – out of over 100 this year booked already) but I felt the need to reassure our listeners and supporters that The Broadcast is in fact well and good. Like a family or a relationship, we work hard to keep ourselves healthy and sound in order to continue bringing you the rock & roll music you’ve proven to us has become a part of the soundtrack of your life.

That being said, we’re reworking a few things. Adjusting some stuff, and writing new music through it all. A few of us will be traveling to Europe this coming July which is thrilling- we’ll have the chance to share our music for the very first time live in Paris!

We’ve also got some incredible festivals that we’re performing at later this summer:

June 21- Solstice Festival, Blacksburg VA

July 17- Black Mountain Festival, Black Mountain NC

August 21-23- Camp Barefoot Festival, Bartow WV

September- TBA (we just confirmed an AWESOME festival today but they haven’t made their official announcements yet!)

October 4- Blue Ride Pride Festival

November 13-16- Bear Creek Festival, Spirit of the Suwanee, FL

So rest assured- everything is golden. We’re growing and changing all the time. It’s an inevitable part of all of our lives and we’re making choices every day that are hopefully leading us to a happy and blissful tomorrow!