The Broadcast signs w/ Hoplite Agency!

Soooo remember when we told you guys we had a huge announcement that we had to keep mum about for awhile? Well, cats out of the bag! We’re extraordinarily excited to announce that we have recently signed with Hoplite Agency! We’re beyond stoked to be joining their roster alongside our friends like Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, and The Mantras just to name a few!

We have been working so hard the last two years booking every single show you’ve seen us at ourselves. Grassroots is the way of the century it seems! Because of each and every one of YOU we’ve built an incredible community of fans, music lovers, and musicians all whom have molded the adventurous life we live now. Because of you, we’ve built a community strong enough where now we can start expanding our family!

We’re thrilled to bring Hoplite on board and can’t wait to see what kind of magic we make together all in the name of rock & roll!

XO, Caitlin