YES. A golden ticket arrived this morning. It’s no surprise that being a self represented band can cause the road to opportunity sometimes to seem extra long. No one is denying that having a stellar manager or booking agent can make a world of difference for a touring musician – BUT – if you can’t find your own personal Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager for those of you about to google it) , then you’ve got to act as your own boss.

Acting as your own boss can be a tricky thing. When you mess up or drop the ball your finger points at yourself. When you just can’t seem to get your foot in the door to certain venues and festivals, your finger points at yourself. The reality is though, there are a MILLION bands in America alone these days. To stand out you’ve got to stand the test of time. So a year ago I quit pointing my finger at myself and started pointing it on an angle to give it more of a disco effect – because that feels MORE FUN.

This year has been the year that feels like we are FINALLY starting to get on people’s radar – especially with festivals. Festivals for those of you wondering are like the cool kids party and if you’re a baby band just starting out, you better believe your name isn’t showing up on the guest list of the popular senior prom queen. Yep. I’m comparing festival booking agents to popular prom queens. They’re the Willy Wonka’s of the festival world, forever holding everyone’s golden ticket into some of the best parties this country has to offer.

Today, we got a really big golden ticket. One that I’ve been vying after for over three years. Ladies and gents, I’m stoked to announce that we have been invited to Bear Creek Festival 2014 in Spirit of the Suwannee, Live Oak FL. The line up is insane, the vibes are going to be through the roof, and we’re letting you know now because it’s worth planning your fall around!