RALEIGH TONIGHT @ The Pour House Music Hall!

Blacksburg blessed us with a hands down epic evening of raging! We’re riding the high all the way to Raleigh for our return to The Pour House Music Hall tonight at 11pm! Our good friends in Atlas Road Crew are opening up the night and warming up the stage so be sure to come rock with us early – two bands for the price of one! Heyyyyy!!! Also, check out this awesome profile that The Raleigh News Observer published about us in yesterdays Arts & Entertainment section!




It feels SO good to be back on the road y’all. And I mean that. Rocking out with everyone in Blacksburg last night was such a great reminder of how lucky we are to be wrapped up in the incredible community that live music makes. Being on the road isn’t just about playing shows, it’s about experiencing life through the lens of creativity. There’s so many more hours in the day that you have to fill on the road outside of the interviews, radio spots, load ins, sound checks, gigs, and break downs.

There’s miles on the road to be counted, and incredible people dispersed along the way. Some in cities, some in small towns. What never ceases to amaze me is how much people like to say where a person lives determines who they are in the world – and how much the people I have met have disproved this.

Whether a person lives in a big city or a shack, has a top career or is just scraping by, all of these things are just garnishes on top of who a person really is at the core. And who you are deep down inside has nothing to do with the titles so many of us have been conditioned to identify with.

The road has also taught me how human and open and kind so many people are. This morning, a beautiful couple we recently befriended woke up early to spend no joke, two hours cooking us the most delicious elaborate breakfast! Two people whose lives have somehow intertwined with the five of ours and for a moment showed nothing but kindness and graciousness.

That’s beautiful and says a lot about the young adult culture in modern America. Especially the culture surrounding live music. With all of the negativity we are inundated with in our media outlets, the road life is an invaluable reminder of something “the man” can never take away from us – authentic community. Gathering together because of an idea, ours being music. A common denominator that equals the playing field and lowers defenses allowing us all to come together and just RELATE in the MOMENT.

Don’t believe me? Come step onto our dance floor sometime.