“In case you missed them, go back and check out The Broadcast. Not Auto-tuned…not Beat-detected…not corporate..not kidding around. Caitin and Aaron front up a legit soulful rock band that comes right at you with great songs and powerful performances. Sweet hardworking people that have paved their own road and deserve all the credit… Love them!” Jim Scott, 7-time Grammy award winning producer

“From start to finish From the Horizon is a knockout – tracks like “Electric Light,” “Eyes of a Woman,” and “Battle Cry” push the album into a league of its own. All good things must end and From the Horizon is no exception. In contrast with the explosive opener the album ends with its title track, an easy going acoustic lullaby. After the album works you into a froth “From the Horizon” brings you back down to an even keel, a nice night cap to a wild ride” -Charleston Grit

The Broadcast have crafted an album of some of the best, most passionate, fun and interesting rock I’ve heard in quite some time. There’s nothing I dislike about this album, except for the fact that eight songs is simply not enough. -Bold Life Magazine

The band quickly became known locally for its solid, expressive musicianship, and a frontwoman who in one song could bring to mind Grace Slick, Ann Wilson, and Janis Joplin, with a touch of Amy Winehouse.” -Bold Life Magazine

“It is a delicate art to sing with unbridled soul and raw intimacy at the same time. Maybe this is why the human voice is considered the most authentic musical instrument. Asheville’s Caitlin Krisko, rocker and front woman for the Broadcast embodies these adjectives (as well as her own considerable vocal talents) as chief crooner for the rock blues psychedelic outfit.” -The Asheville Scene

“This is some fine soulful classic rock. The female vocals provide a breath of fresh air in a male dominated field. The funkiness and soulfulness of the music provide for a relaxing listening session with enough boogie to get your feet moving.”-The Ripple Effect

“…led by lead singer and lyricist Caitlin Krisko, whose vocals are simultaneously smoky and sensuous.”-Hickory Daily Record

“With its radio-friendly songs and mix of time-tested genres, Dodge The Arrow wields immense crossover potential.”-AshVegas

“Dodge the Arrow captures the authentic raw energy of The Broadcast, with Caitlin Krisko’s booming vocals leading the listener every step of the way. Timeless and to the point, Dodge the Arrow offer an addictive soundscape worthy of the repeat button.” -ArtistDirect

With a mix of soul, blues and classic rock arrangements, The Broadcast’s song on Dodge the Arrow beg to be played in front of an audience. It’s little wonder why the group have received accolades for their lives performances.”-Leading Us Absurd 

“The group’s great strength is the voice of Caitlin Krisko. The oft-belting singer displays a timbre similar to that of Joanna Newsom, but she pushes it to Aretha Franklin-inspired levels of theatricality, stretching her comfortable pipes with bouts of bold melisma and old-school hooks.” -Columbia Free Times

“This is a band that rests little and moves lots.” –Mountain Xpress

“A hot act at high profile fests and jam sets.” –The Asheville Citizen-Times

“A dynamic six-piece musical ensemble which channels rock, neo-soul and classical songwriting into one powerful performance” –High Country Press

“Recorded at a recent gig in Lexington, the disc captures the band’s blend of rock and soul grooves. On the tracks available at press time, singer Caitlin Krisko’s vocals rule the show. Like fellow belters Adele and Grace Potter, the singer’s smoky, beyond-her-years voice comes from a soulful place. Backed by thick bass and percussion, the songs will draw listeners to the dance floor. The band also cites its rock influences on the CD, covering the Stones and Talking Heads. Since living in Asheville, the band has sharpened its songwriting and musicianship. Tune in as the group takes off from its new mountain home.”- WNC Magazine

“Everything about The Broadcast is different, including its history. The band formed in Brooklyn in 2007, and in 2010 relocated to Asheville looking for a better base of operations. Its soulful sound has made the Broadcast a standout group here, and the band is determined to build a national following. The new CD, “The Broadcast Live,” is bound to win over some new fans.” -Tony Kiss, Citizens Times

“The opener, “Loving You”, is the Critic’s Choice here. While a lead-in rarely needs any additional publicity this tune simply embodies everything the band has worked to become. It’s got a blues-tinge to it and with the help of Jay Rattman’s horn arrangements, this one seems like it would be right at home on a Blues Brothers soundtrack. Continue reading on The Broadcast – Los Angeles art | 

“Krisko and The Broadcast do likewise in the sense that they embrace that which they are capable. For example, Krisko not only owns a voice that bounds into the microphone and grabs listeners into a hear-to-me-now! mode. She wields it. Call them holy mackerel moments. Typically rare and nearly always fleeting, but when summoned legends can emerge. They’re lofty heights for a performer to attempt yet oh so worthy of attempting.” TriCities Magazine

“What concert-goers did not come to expect was the part-time venue would soon turn erupt before their eyes. Vocalist Caitlin Krisko commanded immediate attention with her spine-tingling vocals, which would guide the other members’ movements on the small, instrument-filled stage. Within the first few songs, the crowd had doubled – if not tripled. ” – Red & Black Magazine

“Until a few months ago, the Broadcast were just your typical amazing Brooklyn folksy six-piece Stevie Wonder-worshipping soul band, selling out venues with platinum princess Caitlin Krisko’s powerhouse vocals and waiting for a bigger break. Cut to September, when the entire band relocated to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, in order to become full-time rock stars. The result? Their impressive sophomore release Days Like Dreams, in which they forget about the New York rat race to focus on the original inspiration of the ecstatic music they make. Tonight they pay their hometown a visit and give us a taste of their Southern epiphany — a performance perfect for those who want to dance barefoot in the middle of winter.” – Flavorpill