Nominated for Album of the Year by HGMN!

Ohhhh WOW! What a year it’s been, I can’t say it enough! Touring on a new album (while making the new album in the same year) is quite a feat but we are so proud to see 2013 coming to a close with so many wonderful accolades being declared about our new album “Dodge the Arrow”.

Our friends and family over at the Lee’s Homegrown Music Network have been nothing short of supportive of us throughout the entire process and I personally want to thank Lee and Chris Robie for doing so much for The Broadcast and never asking for a thing in return other than for us to bring the heat whenever we play a HGMN sponsored show. Done and done!

They’ve taken it a step even FURTHER- and nominated “Dodge the Arrow” as HGMN’s Album of the Year! WHAAAAT! We’ve never been nominated for anything much less an award this meaningful! We’re on a lineup of some very stuff competition, but where else in 2013 did you hear independent female fronted classic rock that still rocking?! Only on “Dodge the Arrow”!

So if ya could, take just a moment (all it requires is the click of a button) head over to Lee’s Homegrown Music Network and vote for “Dodge the Arrow” as your favorite HGMN album of 2013!!!!