From Bliss Fest to Barefoot – Festivals are a DREAM

Everyone remembers their first festival. I was a 16 year old New Yorker visiting my dad in Michigan one summer – dreading having to be out of the city for *gasp* THREE WHOLE WEEKS?! While the rest of my friends would be romping around Central Park by day and using our new fake IDs to get into bars at night – I would be stuck in suburban Michigan bored out of my skull.

Not so.

“I’m going to Bliss Fest, and this year you’re coming with me” declared my hippie dad.

It was with that simple statement that my entire life perspective changed. After that first festival weekend it was all rock & roll, all the time. Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Band, Jefferson Airplane, you name it. I consumed rock documentaries at an alarming rate. Then one day I watched the music video for Wings “Band on the Run” and I was sold.

I needed to be in a band. I needed to tour. I needed to perform on festival stages. I needed that life.

Bliss Fest in Cross Village MI  showed me what I wanted to be when I grew up. This past weekend performing at Camp Barefoot was a wonderful reaffirmation that what was revealed to me that weekend 13 years ago was but a foreshadowing of all the magic that was to come.

Click on the gallery below to see some of the shots from our weekend – we would have posted more but most of them were totally inappropriate.