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Glide Magazine Song Premiere for “Steamroller”


The Broadcast Soulfully Blew the Roof Off The Foundry


The Broadcast soulfully blew the roof off The Foundry in Athens tonight.

Q&A: The Broadcast live at The Foundry Athens


Caitlin Krisko, frontwoman of The Broadcast, which is performing at The Foundry on March 23 alongside Otis Redding III, chatted with The Red & Black about the release of the group’s third album ‘From the Horizon,’ creating oneness through music and the importance of art education in schools.

The Red & Black : On your tour, will you be playing music from the [new] album?

Caitlin Krisko: We’re definitely going to be playing almost everything on the record. There are 11 songs on the album and we will be playing nine of them on this tour. Then, on the album release tour, we’ll be playing the entire record.

R&B: Tell me a little bit about how the band started.

CK: I was born in Detroit, and my family relocated me to New York City for high school where I attended the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan. I graduated top of my class, and I went on to attend the private art conservatory in the city. After graduating from that program, I started to get involved in the live music scene in New York City. I was very lucky to have a really inspiring, amazing music theory teacher in college who planted the seed my senior year of ‘Have you ever thought about, instead of pursuing musical theater or film, what about being a rockstar?’ It was sort of this ‘a-ha moment’ that planted the seed that really blossomed into what The Broadcast is years later.

In 2007, we formed Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast. In 2010, we relocated in Asheville, North Carolina, because we wanted to start touring, and it wasn’t really feasible to start doing that in New York City because of the cost of living. Six years later, the lineup is very different. We have pretty much a fresh, new lineup in the past couple of years. Everything was sort of serendipitous and it’s been a really beautiful experience watching the story of The Broadcast unfold. We’ve got our first European tour in the fall for two months, and with this new record coming out, we’ve got a lot of really great things on the horizon.

R&B: Where did the name The Broadcast come from?

CK: Well, when we first started writing music, I’ve always been the lyricist of the band. All the lyrics are written by myself, and I just really liked the idea of every individual in their life has their own unique life experience. To me, music is kind of like a broadcasting of ideas and issues, and so when we were forming the project, I thought it was a really interesting concept to sort of attach the idea of Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast, saying ‘This is what I have to say, this is the experience I’m having.’

Courtesy Otis Redding III

R&B: Tell me what it was like to decide to pursue music as a career, instead of doing musical theater.

CK: I think that the difference between musical theater and writing music in an original band is the level of freedom of expression that you have. I love that getting on stage night after night with The Broadcast, I am my own boss. I get to decide what I say, what I do – the order of the songs. There’s a freedom to that that’s really intoxicating and inspiring, and I think that it can reach people on a very deep level. Being in a rock band, with our lyrics being a focus of our songwriting, I get the chance to say things and express ideas and hopefully inspire a sense of oneness in the music community. I don’t think there’s necessarily that freedom in structured performance like musical theater. Musical theater and platforms like that are scripted and created by someone else, and it’s more interpreting the performance through your own self. In music, you get to take all the reins.

R&B: What do you think you would have done if this hadn’t worked out?

CK: I don’t think I ever gave myself the chance to ask that question. For real. I think that’s really important. I had a teacher in high school that said, ‘If you have plan B, you will always fall back on it.’ There will be times in your career where you have no money, no hope, no senses of future, and those are the times when you have to push through and persevere for the sake of the art. It’s like Kurt Vonnegut said, you have a responsibility to the art, and if people don’t consume it and they don’t respond to it, it’s still your responsibility to create the art. I’m paraphrasing, by the way, horribly.

R&B: As a music artist, what is the truth that you’re speaking through your music?

CK: I think that our music is about compassion. I think it’s about creating a community. I was raised in New York City where community was not a very large focus. There are other things that New York City focuses on that are wildly inspiring and incredibly unique about that city. But one of the incredible things about moving to Asheville was discovering the value of community and the fact that your community can be there to support you and share a collective experience together. I love that idea. I love that we sit behind computers and phones all day, kind of disconnected from each other, and music is still a place where people can go and share a collective experience

R&B: The Broadcast has been described as Grace Slick meets Led Zeppelin. What do you have to say about that?

CK: (laughs) Uh, thank you? Whoever said that is extremely nice. It’s very flattering. Grace Slick and Robert Plant are two of the most enigmatic, dynamic front-people of bands, in my opinion. I think maybe the comparison stems from a liberated feeling onstage, feeling like you can really let go and lose yourself in the music and the moment and tap into something super that people can experience with you. I love it anytime anybody says anything like that. It’s really flattering.

R&B: Where do you see The Broadcast in five years?

CK: I see The Broadcast continuing to push boundaries in the music industry – in the grassroots music industry. I believe that we have the potential to break through the glass ceiling of the music industry and get to a place where original rock Americana music is enjoyed and celebrated by even larger numbers of people. I would love to be performing in the Grammys; I would love to be scoring films; I would love to be starting organizations for education programs in middle schools and high schools for kids to receive better art education.

I was really lucky in my life to attend schools that had fantastic art programs, and I can honestly say that I know I wouldn’t be doing this today if I hadn’t had those teachers and that influence from a really developmental age. I see how much the arts are suffering in schools, and I think as artists we can really encourage and push education systems to create more of a focus on that. If you look throughout history and you look at people that have changed the world and have made an impact, you don’t see artists going into places and spitting hatred and fear and anger. Artists are the people who go and create understanding and compassion and unity within people. It’s like an American rite of passage almost, to be in an American touring band.


Experience The Broadcast | Album Review

Spring 2016: "From the Horizon" produced by multi Grammy winner Jim Scott

Spring 2016: “From the Horizon” produced by multi Grammy winner Jim Scott


“From start to finish From the Horizon is a knockout – tracks like “Electric Light,” “Eyes of a Woman,” and “Battle Cry” push the album into a league of its own. All good things must end and From the Horizon is no exception. In contrast with the explosive opener the album ends with its title track, an easy going acoustic lullaby. After the album works you into a froth “From the Horizon” brings you back down to an even keel, a nice night cap to a wild ride”

-Charleston Grit

The Broadcast opens for The Congress & Bettye Lavette!

This weekend we’re rocking some serious shows to kick off 2016 – we’re already confirmed for some crazy high profile events and festivals this year including a BRAND NEW ALBUM RELEASE TOUR for “From the Horizon” and our debut overseas for our first European tour ever! If you’re in the Washington DC area or near Abingdon Virginia, come check us out this weekend at one of the following shows:

Friday 1/8- The Broadcast & The Congress live at The Hamilton, Washington DC
Saturday 1/9- The Broadcast with Bettye Lavette live at Barter Theater, Abingdon VA

As always, we love you guys and can’t wait to start rolling out fresh new footage, videos, photos, and music in the coming weeks! There’s also whisperings of a new Echo Mountain session coming up at the end of this month…..!!!!

“From the Horizon” now available for preorder!

After a month long recording session in California with our dream producer Jim Scott behind the wheel of our new record – we are so excited to announce that “From the Horizon” is now available for preorder! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

What does that mean? Check it out below!


Kickstarter is a way for our fans to purchase our album in advance which will in turn help us finance the release to a much wider audience. This website seemed like the easiest and quickest platform for our fans to make an immediate impact on the outcome of our dream.


Point blank: it costs a LOT of money to release an album properly in today’s world. Vinyl/CD reproduction and packaging, marketing, distribution, radio promotion, advertising, and publicity, when done right and all at once, are expensive. The money that we’ve earned from touring has barely covered expenses this year and is totally not enough to finance a large scale record release (which is what we are aiming for this time!)

Your investment in our Kickstarter Campaign will go DIRECTLY toward the following finishing touches on our new album “From the Horizon”:

-Mastering (digital, CD & vinyl)
-Art Design
-Reproduction & Packaging
-Professional Radio Campaign


This presale is SUPER important because you’ll be supporting us in the most direct way possible. Your support shows the world and music industry that The Broadcast are a band worth believing in. To be totally honest, the only thing holding us back from reaching a higher level of musical success is money. We don’t have a record label or a marketing budget to get our songs played on the radio, so we need your help NOW versus later to make our dreams come true.

It’s very difficult for an unsigned band to be taken seriously by major radio, television and music festivals. This is where you come in. Everything we’ve done so far has been with your help. Touring bands matter. Good music still matters and it is still being made today. Help us show that to the world. The funding of our Kickstarter means giving five hopeful dreamers who still believe in the spirit of rock & roll a fighting chance of being a worldwide success.



Join Our Street Team!



2015 Spring Tour Dates!

BRoADcAST_2015_aARONonFiRe_LevY 11x17_RGB_Blank_high

After the frozen tundra that was the northeast this winter – we are ready for some new markets and warmer winds! Check out our tour dates below and come check out a show!


3/19- Louisville, KY: The New Vintage
3/20- St. Louis, MS: Broadway’s Oyster Bar
3/21- Memphis, TN: Lafayette’s Music Room
3/26- Clemson, SC: Loose Change
3/27- Wilmington, NC: The Whiskey
3/28- Savannah, GA: Barrelhouse South
4/1- Columbus, OH: Scarlet & Grey Cafe
4/2- Detroit, MI: Hopcat – Detroit
4/3- Lansing, MI: The Loft
4/4- Athens, OH: Casa Nueva
4/9- Roanoke, VA: Martin’s Downtown
4/10- Boone, NC: Boone Saloon
4/11- Asheville, NC: The Grey Eagle
4/16- Norfolk, VA: Pancho & Luigi’s
4/17- Blacksburg, VA: Sycamore Deli
4/18- Knoxville, TN: Barley’s
4/23- Winston-Salem, NC: Ziggy’s
4/24- Raleigh, NC: The Raleigh Pour House
4/25- Charlotte, NC: The Rabbit Hole

RALEIGH TONIGHT @ The Pour House Music Hall!

Blacksburg blessed us with a hands down epic evening of raging! We’re riding the high all the way to Raleigh for our return to The Pour House Music Hall tonight at 11pm! Our good friends in Atlas Road Crew are opening up the night and warming up the stage so be sure to come rock with us early – two bands for the price of one! Heyyyyy!!! Also, check out this awesome profile that The Raleigh News Observer published about us in yesterdays Arts & Entertainment section!




It feels SO good to be back on the road y’all. And I mean that. Rocking out with everyone in Blacksburg last night was such a great reminder of how lucky we are to be wrapped up in the incredible community that live music makes. Being on the road isn’t just about playing shows, it’s about experiencing life through the lens of creativity. There’s so many more hours in the day that you have to fill on the road outside of the interviews, radio spots, load ins, sound checks, gigs, and break downs.

There’s miles on the road to be counted, and incredible people dispersed along the way. Some in cities, some in small towns. What never ceases to amaze me is how much people like to say where a person lives determines who they are in the world – and how much the people I have met have disproved this.

Whether a person lives in a big city or a shack, has a top career or is just scraping by, all of these things are just garnishes on top of who a person really is at the core. And who you are deep down inside has nothing to do with the titles so many of us have been conditioned to identify with.

The road has also taught me how human and open and kind so many people are. This morning, a beautiful couple we recently befriended woke up early to spend no joke, two hours cooking us the most delicious elaborate breakfast! Two people whose lives have somehow intertwined with the five of ours and for a moment showed nothing but kindness and graciousness.

That’s beautiful and says a lot about the young adult culture in modern America. Especially the culture surrounding live music. With all of the negativity we are inundated with in our media outlets, the road life is an invaluable reminder of something “the man” can never take away from us – authentic community. Gathering together because of an idea, ours being music. A common denominator that equals the playing field and lowers defenses allowing us all to come together and just RELATE in the MOMENT.

Don’t believe me? Come step onto our dance floor sometime.