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We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking where we’ve disappeared to! After an expansive tour supporting “From The Horizon” both across the United States and Europe, we have happily taken a step back from the public eye and have been holed up in our home studios the last month writing song options for our NEW ALBUM that we’ll be releasing Spring 2018!

It’s important to us to honor the time we need to create quality thought provoking music, especially during times as trying as these. The music community is strengthening as the world seemingly continues to fall apart. This is the most important time in our lives as artists. We are not taking this responsibility lightly, and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on soon!

Until then, power to the people, we’ll rock with you soon!


XO, The Broadcast


YES. A golden ticket arrived this morning. It’s no surprise that being a self represented band can cause the road to opportunity sometimes to seem extra long. No one is denying that having a stellar manager or booking agent can make a world of difference for a touring musician – BUT – if you can’t find your own personal Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager for those of you about to google it) , then you’ve got to act as your own boss.

Acting as your own boss can be a tricky thing. When you mess up or drop the ball your finger points at yourself. When you just can’t seem to get your foot in the door to certain venues and festivals, your finger points at yourself. The reality is though, there are a MILLION bands in America alone these days. To stand out you’ve got to stand the test of time. So a year ago I quit pointing my finger at myself and started pointing it on an angle to give it more of a disco effect – because that feels MORE FUN.

This year has been the year that feels like we are FINALLY starting to get on people’s radar – especially with festivals. Festivals for those of you wondering are like the cool kids party and if you’re a baby band just starting out, you better believe your name isn’t showing up on the guest list of the popular senior prom queen. Yep. I’m comparing festival booking agents to popular prom queens. They’re the Willy Wonka’s of the festival world, forever holding everyone’s golden ticket into some of the best parties this country has to offer.

Today, we got a really big golden ticket. One that I’ve been vying after for over three years. Ladies and gents, I’m stoked to announce that we have been invited to Bear Creek Festival 2014 in Spirit of the Suwannee, Live Oak FL. The line up is insane, the vibes are going to be through the roof, and we’re letting you know now because it’s worth planning your fall around!







PEOPLE. It is going DOWN this New Years Eve in Asheville, North Carolina. We took “The Bootycast” for a test drive in Charleston a few weeks ago and it was easily one of the wildest show’s we personally in The Broadcast have seen all year. We’re doing it all right, and all out to ring in 2014! Caitlin and Mary Frances have an epic 90s number planned for you all under the black light. Put on your day glow gear get your rave gear out of storage and lets ring in the new year together in the mountains!






If you haven’t heard then I’m convinced you have been living under a rock for the last two weeks because Asheville has been blowing up about our ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!  We’ll be posting some of the awesome reviews in our blog in the coming days- but crazy beautiful love to The Mountain Xpress, Bold Life Magazine, Ashvegas, The Laurel of Asheville, Visit Asheville, The Homegrown Music Network, WNCW Radio,  and The Asheville Citizen-Times for all of their press surrounding the show!


We’re so excited for tonight it literally feels like Christmas! Join us at The Grey Eagle tonight for the album release party! Doors are at 8pm with the show kicking off at 9pm with The Deluge from Winston-Salem followed by Asheville’s very own David Earl and the Plowshares! The Broadcast hits around 11pm!


Can’t wait to see you there!

Limited Signed Prints of Album Artwork Available!

One of the most exciting aspects of creating “Dodge the Arrow” was having the chance to work with an art director who really captured the essence of the album in a visual manner. Interestingly enough, we found Josh before we even scheduled recording time in Echo Mountain Studios. I happened upon Joshua Marc Levy + 423 Art & Design while enjoying one of my favorite galleries downtown ZaPow! (if you haven’t checked it out before, put it on your definite list of to do’s next time you’re in Asheville!). The day before I was lamenting to my band members that I had no idea how to go about locating an artist, so decided a little gallery hopping might spark my inspiration.

Low and behold, I waltzed into Zapow! to discover amazing psychedelic but modern prints including band posters of artists I adore, The Black Crows, Modest Mouse, AC/DC. Who IS this artist that absolutely MUST design The Broadcast’s next album?! Turns out not only is Josh a former Brooklynite like myself, he also relocated to Asheville around the time that we did from New York City, making us big apple transplants living it up in the mountains. Bam! Insta-connection.

After an awesome meeting with Josh and his equally inspired wife Amy, the ball got rolling and after a few back and forths, he presented us with the final design for “Dodge the Arrow” a piece of artwork that I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with. He couldn’t have captured the essence of this album more perfectly. The synchronicity between the songs and the artwork are stunning and I am so proud of the results.

Being as in love with it as we are, we decided to have a limited number of prints made specially for the album release party this Friday at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. You can’t really tell in the photo I’ve posted below, but Josh had them printed with a special sparkly silver ink. Each print is numbered and signed and will be available at the release party! If there are any copies left at the end, we will set up a link on the website for people to purchase the remaining prints!



It’s almost here, it’s almost here, it’s almost here! The blood, the sweat, the tears, the touring, the van breaking down- 2013 has been a CRAZY year and we can’t think of a more perfect way to end it than to tie it with the most beautiful bow of all- a brand spankin’ new record!

Mark your calendars, “Dodge the Arrow” will be available Tuesday September 24th with the first official album release party at The Grey Eagle on Friday, September 27th! We’ve got The Deluge and David Earl and the Plowshares opening up for us and also have a grand finale that you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

Special finale performers include:

Matt Williams (Tiny Boxes), Ryan Reardon (Zansa), Moses Atwood (Blood Gypsies), Jason DeCristofaro, Ellie Schwarz and Pamela Jones!

Want a hint on the grand finale song?



Charleston Bound w/ Toubab Krewe Tomorrow!


Charleston Pour House Anniversary Party w/ Toubab Krewe!


We’re hitting the road tomorrow for three days of fun in the sun in Charleston, South Carolina!

Tomorrow we’re rocking out at Awendaw Green at 9pm…if you haven’t checked this place out yet, we highly recommend it. It reminds us of a mini-festival, multiple bands on the lineup, outdoors with beautiful weather, great vibes, food trucks, and a goat named Jukebox that eats your setlist if you keep it on the ground. You can find out more about the event and lineup here: AWENDAW GREEN

On Friday we’ll be celebrating Aaron’s birthday and also the 11th Anniversary of the Charleston Pour House with our friends Toubab Krewe! It’s going to be a rowdy good time that we’ve been looking forward to for awhile! Get your tickets here: 11TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY TICKETS


New Studio Album: “Dodge the Arrow” Coming September 24, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of what we consider to be the first studio album from The Broadcast. While we formed in Brooklyn nearly 5 years ago, it wasn’t until we relocated to Asheville, NC replacing our bassist and guitarist and reworking our sound that we truly felt like a band. Nearly three years later we present to you: Dodge the Arrow. We recently had a private listening party at the Lexington Avenue Brewery in Asheville, NC for an eclectic group of artists, musicians, writers, and journalists and the response was overwhelming. We are incredibly proud of the results of Dodge the Arrow and can’t wait for you to experience it with us!

Be sure to join us September 27th at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC for the first official album release party with The Deluge and David Earl and The Plowshares joining us!