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We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking where we’ve disappeared to! After an expansive tour supporting “From The Horizon” both across the United States and Europe, we have happily taken a step back from the public eye and have been holed up in our home studios the last month writing song options for our NEW ALBUM that we’ll be releasing Spring 2018!

It’s important to us to honor the time we need to create quality thought provoking music, especially during times as trying as these. The music community is strengthening as the world seemingly continues to fall apart. This is the most important time in our lives as artists. We are not taking this responsibility lightly, and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on soon!

Until then, power to the people, we’ll rock with you soon!


XO, The Broadcast


YES. A golden ticket arrived this morning. It’s no surprise that being a self represented band can cause the road to opportunity sometimes to seem extra long. No one is denying that having a stellar manager or booking agent can make a world of difference for a touring musician – BUT – if you can’t find your own personal Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager for those of you about to google it) , then you’ve got to act as your own boss.

Acting as your own boss can be a tricky thing. When you mess up or drop the ball your finger points at yourself. When you just can’t seem to get your foot in the door to certain venues and festivals, your finger points at yourself. The reality is though, there are a MILLION bands in America alone these days. To stand out you’ve got to stand the test of time. So a year ago I quit pointing my finger at myself and started pointing it on an angle to give it more of a disco effect – because that feels MORE FUN.

This year has been the year that feels like we are FINALLY starting to get on people’s radar – especially with festivals. Festivals for those of you wondering are like the cool kids party and if you’re a baby band just starting out, you better believe your name isn’t showing up on the guest list of the popular senior prom queen. Yep. I’m comparing festival booking agents to popular prom queens. They’re the Willy Wonka’s of the festival world, forever holding everyone’s golden ticket into some of the best parties this country has to offer.

Today, we got a really big golden ticket. One that I’ve been vying after for over three years. Ladies and gents, I’m stoked to announce that we have been invited to Bear Creek Festival 2014 in Spirit of the Suwannee, Live Oak FL. The line up is insane, the vibes are going to be through the roof, and we’re letting you know now because it’s worth planning your fall around!



what makes you get up in the morning?

Lately I’ve been waking up early. I’m sure you’re scoffing “psh, right. early. in musician speak that’s like noon right?”.

No, I mean early. Like early early. It’s currently 6:34am and I’ve already been awake for nearly 3 hours.

It’s been like this for months. Don’t get me wrong. I want to sleep. I love sleeping. Even as a child, there was something about John Lennon’s crooning when he said “lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for that sleepy feeling” that truly resonated with me. And once they invented TemperPedic it was GAME ON when it came to dozing off into dreamland.

But recently my mind has been racked with so many thoughts endlessly swirling around and around. I wake up thinking about Chicago, Charleston, New York, van repairs, tour dates, Bear Creek, follow up emails, load in times, AC Entertainment, World Cafe, hotel reservations, that one hook that needs to be worked on in that one song, have we reordered stickers yet? 

And then Lennon’s voice creeps into my head again just as the birds start chirping….and I am reminded that in every generation there is a different definition on what it has meant and what it has taken to be a working musician. Fact: growing up idolizing the classic rock era gave me an extraordinarily unrealistic view of what the live music industry is all about. Do I wish rock bands still looked and sounded like Led Zeppelin? Good lord, yes. Do I wish that A&R reps still existed and record deals were still shiny golden opportunities that meant you’d made it big time? Man oh MAN do I! Is that the world we’re living in? No. But that doesn’t mean that rock&roll isn’t alive and well, and it doesn’t mean the music industry is dead. It just means that we have the chance to redefine what rock&roll is in 2014, and even more so has reaffirmed the age old saying “you gotta REALLY want it”.

I have fallen in love with the live music community. The people, the vibe, the support. It’s a group that connects our country in such a unique and extraordinary way. When I look at the people I love around me, I realize that almost every single one of them is a result of this community. This love is what drives me to wake up every morning when my mind starts churning at 4am with all of the work that needs to get done in order for us to continue touring full time and contributing to the live music community.

Being the lead singer of a rock&roll band isn’t a goal I have, it’s a reality I am living in. Whatever it means to continue that reality, whether it’s writing songs, sending mailing blasts out, or folding our tshirts. While I look forward to the day when my own personal Brian Epstein comes along and takes some of the work load off allowing me to focus more on the creative side of The Broadcast, there is work to be done.  I’ll lose sleep over that any day, because this is what I live for.

And I really want it.

Well dang- I wish I could say the blog goes both ways…

I know. I know…I know. It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated anything on our blog. I wish I could say the blog goes both ways much like the phone, but lets be serious, that’s not the way it goes. Apologies for the disconnect- we took the better part of January off to recover from all of the touring we did supporting our new album “Dodge the Arrow” and after that we were whisked away into a two week whirlwind tour of Florida. If you haven’t followed us on our Instagram, be sure to do so. We’ve got some hilarious photos from the trip including a raccoon attack (don’t ask)- and we ALSO got to hang out and throw back some whiskey with American Idol finalist Elise Testone for her album release party. It was a wild and crazy time and we’ve got the bronzed skin to show for it! There’s a bunch of YouTube videos that fans posted from the tour so be sure to bebop around our channel to check out all the wildness. BIG extra shout out and love to Charleston Pour House, Dunedin Brewery, Casey’s NSB, The Funky Biscuit and Bardot for being especially kind and accommodating toward us. It’s not always easy being a band so far away from home but it is always awesome to feel the music community love.


We’re hitting up Knoxville tonight at Barley’s (10pm) then next week have gigs in some of my personal favorite spots! You can check us out next week on Thursday 3/6 at Boone Saloon (Boone, NC), Friday 3/7 at the Backyard Stage Series (Greensboro, NC), and Saturday 3/8 at The Pour House (Raleigh, NC) w/ Chit Nasty Band!


Finally, check out this awesome shot that photographer Amy Kalyn Sims captured of me last night during a light photo session. More to come- but I love how this one captures my inner gypsy!



New Series on YouTube + Knoxville & Charlotte Album Release!

We’re always trying to stay up to date and connected in the most direct ways possible with our fans- you guys are the reason we are able to continue doing what we’re doing! We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately with requests to get the know the band more and to see more updates so we’re slowly creating more channels on our YouTube account (kind of like a tv station) – as you can see over there we’ve already got The Broadcast Project- a series that follows us on the road, Talking Heads, a series that keeps you up to date with weekly happenings from The Broadcast, and now a brand new series called The Broadcast Cover Series, which as you can guess is members of the band cover songs by artists we’re inspired by. Our first installment is of Icelandic recording artist Asgeir- someone you should all get hip to as he’s certain to explode in the coming year!

This week we’ve got two album release parties that are close to our hearts- Knoxville, TN at Preservation Pub on Thursday October 24th and The Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC on Saturday October 26th! Be sure to check out the shows if you’re close to one of those cities – they’re going to be awesome shows and even better if you’re there with us to celebrate! 🙂

King and Cross Cover

It’s not often I come across a song that speaks deeply to me. Especially one that inspires me enough to gather a group of touring musicians friends on our day off to learn the song and then perform and record it. But this song is so moving musically, lyrically, emotionally that I wanted to give nod to it’s unique quality.

A few weeks ago on the road Aaron and I were flipping through radio stations when we came across David Dye’s World Cafe on NPR. As we all know, David’s got incredible taste with his finger constantly on the pulse of what’s going on in music. And what’s even better is he really digs in and finds music that is innovative and poignant. We’re lucky to have someone like him available to us in American music today. Thanks David- you rock.

On this particular night he was discussing an Icelandic artist by the name of Asgeir who is going to release his first english album in 2014. The song that came on the radio was simply put, stunning. We immediately found the song and put it on repeat over and over again. After the 150th time of rocking out to it, I turned to Aaron and insisted that this would be a blast to record with our friends in Asheville.

With the help of Independent Arts and Music Asheville located inside Emmy award winning  Echo Mountain Recording Studios  we got together this afternoon, figured out the tune, and recorded it. We even represented Asheville’s very own Moog by including it in the tune! We’ll be posting the video tomorrow – in the meantime, do yourself a favor and open yourself up to your new addiction:

Asgeir – King and Cross

A word on Dodge the Arrow from Caitlin

Amazed, overwhelmed, exhausted, a bit nervous and thrilled all at once- ladies and gentleman, I present to you:


Today has been a strange and wonderful mixture of emotions. The Broadcast has been collectively a group now for several years, and while “technically” we have released previous albums, “Dodge the Arrow” feels like the first true piece of work we’ve ever released. This is the first time in my life that I allowed myself as a writer to be boldly honest with myself through music. Not to say that I wasn’t truthful in previous recordings, but if music is a representation of the artist who creates it, lets just say mine was like this: a clump of delicious smelling play-doh exploring the world with things sticking to me along the way: a paper clip, an indian head penny, some cat hair, a whole lot of dirt, and some left over glitter from a fahhhbulous party at Limelight the night before. Basically, who I was carried a whole lot of influence from the outside world. Growing up in a place like New York City, it’s no wonder – in the mecca of urban culture there’s so much to ingest, a kid can really lose themselves along the way.

Only in my most recent years in Asheville and on the road touring have I started to strip the layers and discover the root identity that was hidden beneath all of the lovely mess of life I was carrying with me. Performing has also in turn allowed me to shed the facade and have a real relationship with myself. Inevitably after hundreds of shows, all you are left with onstage as an artist is yourself. I don’t believe in personas. They’re a modern day masquerade for the masses.

As a performing artist, the “good lord they gave me CHILLS!” moment comes when the artist is being unabashedly honest with an emotional experience and offering that experience to the viewer, who in turn creates a continuous triangular energy between the artist and whatever magic it is out there that’s controlling the clockworks – call it God, the higher being, Allah, the powers that be, Bokonon, whatever it is that tickles your fancy – live music creates this connection. Whew! That’s a lot of words. But seriously think about that, reread it a few times if you have to because it’s true. The live music experience is incredible because there is something amazing that happens when you gather a group of people together to honor and enjoy the act of the creation of sound. It’s primal. It’s in our DNA.

“Dodge the Arrow” is my first attempt as a writer to express this new perspective. I am greatly blessed to be surrounded by five wonderful musicians who have always consistently encouraged my literary passion – Tyler, Michael, Aaron, Matt and Rich’s support of my lyrics has allowed me to flourish in who I continue to become every day – this is a beautiful gift.

If you are reading this, I deeply and genuinely hope you connect with Dodge the Arrow. I literally wrote it with you, the listener in mind. I wanted to offer you something filled with honesty said in my own way that I dream will resonate with you in your life for years to come.

Most Sincerely,




What the road has taught me.


I think it’s safe for me to speak on behalf of everyone in the band when I say it’s been one hell of a year for The Broadcast. On a personal note I can say this: My understanding for the music industry and what it means to be a touring band in the 21st Century has grown tremendously over the last 10 months, and even more so what it means to be a woman in the business.

First and foremost, I have to give a lot of love and credit to our fans and listeners-  you’ve been so loving and embracing of me on the road- I’ve literally had girls (that were at the time strangers, and are now beautiful friends of mine) offer to do my hair on my days off, take me out shopping at the best local shops because “it must be crazy being on the road with all those guys” and of course let me not forget the half a dozen “parents of the road”, kind strangers who have opened their beautiful homes to us in new cities- sitting us down for home cooked meals, setting up  places for us to sleep, and sending us on our way with food to go.

I won’t lie, when I first set out on the path of becoming a “lead singer in a band” a lot of my dreams were naturally the self serving fantasies of an ambitious 20-something from New York City. As the years have continued to roll on as they do, so has the carousel of my perspective turned to face a new horizon. The people I have met, the cities I have traveled to have made an impression on me that has left me staggeringly altered. I always said I wanted my music to touch the hearts of thousands of people. Now, at the beginning of the closing of another decade in my life I am staring to understand the value of what that means. And yes, there are still the ambitious dreams- headlining Red Rocks, touring overseas, recording with a full orchestra – but those dreams don’t penetrate nearly as deep as the personal connections live music has brought into my life.

Being a touring musician has taught me about what it means to work, what it means to be passionate, what it means to put everything on the line for an idea that I believe in. I believe in live music. I believe in women in music. I believe in the authentic creation of music without the superfluous fluff that is only a distraction from what music has always been intended for. A pathway for communication.

Being a touring musician has taught me about America. As a girl from a suburb outside of Detroit, then transplanted to New York City in high school only to relocate to the mountains of North Carolina in my mid-20s to tour the country in a rock band, let me say this:

We are so much more similar than I ever could have imagined. People are doing incredible things across the country, and when I open my eyes even wider, I can see people are doing extraordinary things around the world. There is an uncanny common thread among us all that is growing. Creating live music is a beautiful service that I have had the gift of offering – a calling that is timeless, spanning across generations – spreading ideas, emotions, messages, protests, cries for help and calls for celebration. I am astronomically lucky to be a part of this cultural lineage.